The SnowCastle of Kemi, Finland

What an incredible experience: the snow castle of Kemi in Northern Finland. I visited this unique gem in early February.

This unique castle made of snow and ice, is the biggest snow fort in the world and gets rebuilt every winter. The first snow castle in Kemi in 1996, drew on average 300 000 visitors.

The area covered by the castle has varied from 13 000 to over 20 000 square meters. The highest towers have been over 20 meters high and the longest walls are over 1000 meters long, and the castle has had up to three stories.

Despite its varying configurations, the snow castle has a few recurring elements: a capel a restaurant, and a hotel.

A Unique Dining Experience

Visit The Snow Restaurant for a unique dining experience, with ice tables and seats covered with reindeer fur to keep you warm in this – 5 degrees Celsius setting.

The Snow Hotel

Why not stay the night and live as the Eskimos did back in the day?

This hotel offers you a choice of double rooms and a honeymoon suite, all of which are decorated by local artists using local materials.


Finland | Image by Chantelle Flores |
Finland | Image by Chantelle Flores |
Finland | Image by Chantelle Flores |

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