Professional Background

Chantelle Flores

Chantelle Flores is a self-taught entrepreneur and a highly acclaimed international 

travel and lifestyle photographer, digital marketer, travel writer, and humanitarian. 

She has become a renowned personality across the globe after working in over 74

 countries. Originally from South Africa, she has now established herself in Switzerland. 

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Invaluable Experience

Broad Experiences

Chantelle’s passion for photography and business, combined with her extensive and varied experiences, has shaped her distinct and original style. She has gained invaluable experience from an array of professions and activities that helped formulate her artistic vision.

Having a degree in Psychology and Communications offers her a deeper understanding of emotions and communication. Her career in marketing has honed her skills in effectively communicating a vision, while her work as a humanitarian has given her insight into the power of photojournalism.

Emotive storytelling serves as the central pillar of her photography, reflecting her compassionate and sensitive nature.


True Potential

Chantelle firmly believes that one can’t grow in a comfort zone and has firm faith in her capabilities. She never shies away from taking risks and when the time came to choose either to stay safe or to take a bold risk in life, she chose to take a blind leap of faith and go after everything she had always dreamt about. It built her resilience to failure and through the process, she learned how to overcome and master her fears. The benefits far exceed the financial possibilities.

In 2009, she made the bold decision to resign from her highly successful marketing position and focus on Kzara Visual full-time. In 2017, she took another daring leap by embracing the nomadic lifestyle and exploring new places. Selling all her possessions in South Africa, she embarked on a one-way journey to Spain with her camera in hand and no predetermined plans.

Chantelle’s dedication, motivation, and compassion has propelled her to become one of the most renowned travel and lifestyle photographers in the world. Her exceptional work, rooted in her unique style, continues to inspire others to push boundaries and strive for greatness. While she stays true to her core, Chantelle’s journey has now led her to establish a permanent residence in Switzerland, where she continues to create remarkable visual experiences at her studio in Zurich. 

Diverse artistic talent

Artistic Vision

Most would consider Chantelle an overachiever, yet she attributes her success to her constant need to learn as well as her unwavering determination, commitment and hard work mastering the visual arts over the past 15 years. 

Although she never formally studied photography, her portfolio of work is a testimony of her diverse artistic talent and unrelenting love for the art. Primarily known for pushing the boundaries, her photographs are a fresh take on the natural world – full of energy, mood and movement. She has a knack for finding beauty in what’s perceived as common by others and appreciates the uniqueness of the mundane. Like a butterfly embracing the beauty of a single flower, she likes to focus on the unnoticed – those things that we all look at, but never really see.

Her never-ending passion and her commitment to her vision motivates her to continue her quest of being constantly on the look out for a deeper meaning to life. Her mission is to show the world to the world through her extensive collection of images, coupling it with uniquely written copies, such as her Holding onto Humanity series. 


The Traveler Within

In addition to her love for people, the great outdoors has always been an integral part of Chantelle’s soul and became the underlying focus for channelling her artistic vision and a means of self-expression. 

Inspired by her father’s adventurous spirit, Chantelle approaches life with a determined and carefree attitude. Rarely saying no to new experiences, she lives by the philosophy of trying everything at least once. Her zest for life is epitomized by her spontaneous and adventurous travel style. She fearlessly wears her backpack and camera in hand and is always ready to embark on new journeys and capture the essence of each moment. Her love for exploration knows no bounds, reflecting her unwavering passion for embracing the world and all its wonders.

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