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At Kzara Visual, we believe in creating beautiful and impactful visual experiences. And we do it boldly and think out of the box.

We are breaking all the norms of traditional photography studio rentals by tossing out the idea of having a pure white space with an endless infinity curve backdrop and light-flooded windows. Instead, we have created a small, compact, yet powerful interchangeable space that you can call your creative home. 

Having a space that inspires you is crucial for creative individuals as well as business owners. Not only will it give you the motivation and energy you need to create, think, and explore new ideas, but it also is a space where you feel comfortable and safe enough to take risks. 

Despite us being photographers and creatives alike, we have decided to rent out our space to you as either a photo shoot location or as a space you can just “be” in, working remotely on your creative endeavors or business concepts. 

Our studio is brand-focused and the idea stemmed from our desire to assist small business owners on a limited budget who cannot afford a professional photographer. We believe that the devil is in the details, and that’s why we are dedicated to helping you create the perfect photoshoot, down to the last detail. Our innovative concept is simple: By mixing and matching four different furniture pieces and pairing them with a wide range of colorful paper, fabric, and wallpaper backdrops you will be able to build your very own photoshoot set. 

So whether you are a professional photographer, a blogger, or just an ordinary person with a brand who loves to create stunning visual content our studio can just as well become your favorite sanctuary. 


Paper Backgrounds

Our selection of seamless paper backgrounds offers high-quality, wrinkle-free, and non-reflecting backdrops for any photoshoot. With a paper thickness of 150-160 g/m² and widths of 1.3 or 2.70 meters, our durable matt paper backgrounds are perfect for all your photography needs.

We stock a wide range of colours from three of the world’s leading paper manufacturers, including Colorama, Savage, and Walimex. Our paper backgrounds are eco-friendly, produced from 75% recycled materials and wound on a strong cardboard roll core, ensuring they don’t bend or sag.

The fine-tooth feel of our paper backgrounds creates a smooth, non-distracting negative space that draws all the attention to your subject. Using our paper backgrounds is easy – simply unroll what you need and weigh down the end on the floor to prevent tearing.

Our paper backgrounds are the ideal solution for fashion photography, portraits, YouTube videos, product photography, interviews, and much more.

mix and match

Chair Covers

At Kzara Visual, we like to keep things simple, minimalistic and uncluttered. We put our heads together to find a more innovative solution to transform the appearance of a single item. Our collection of plain-coloured stretch covers enables you to customize your own scene to match or change the ambiance of your photoshoot theme effortlessly. 

Switching up the chair covers is a breeze – each one is designed to fit perfectly over the chair frame and can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds.

Arm Chair Covers

We understand that every detail matters when it comes to creating a powerful and engaging visual experience. Our range of plain-coloured stretch covers for our arm chair offers a wide variety of colours that can be mixed and matched to suit your photoshoot theme. Whether you’re looking for a classic black-and-white look, or a bold and colourful pop of colour, our covers can help you achieve your desired result.

The covers come in a variety of plain colors that are versatile and can be easily paired with other elements of your photoshoot. Whether you prefer a bold and bright color or a neutral and subdued one, we’ve got you covered.

Sofa Covers - Coming Soon

We understand that different photoshoots require different settings and themes. Some clients may want a clean and minimalistic look, while others may prefer a more vibrant and colourful environment. 

Whether you want to create a clean and modern environment or a cozy and warm atmosphere, our sofa covers can help you achieve just that. 

For Brands

Product Photography

Kickstarter salvia franzen woke. Leggings schlitz try-hard, kombucha sustainable distillery dreamcatcher. Hexagon raclette vegan sustainable +1 heirloom.


Custom Set Build - Coming Soon

Black and white photography is a timeless and classic medium that captures the essence of a moment or scene through the use of varying shades of grey. The absence of colour allows for the emphasis to be placed on form, texture, and contrast, creating a powerful visual impact. This technique can evoke a sense of nostalgia or timelessness and often creates a dramatic and moody atmosphere. 



Latest Themes



Colour Crush

Are you ready to express yourself in a bold and vibrant way?

Then our latest Color Crush-themed photoshoot sessions launching this SEPTEMBER is ideal for you.
Our studio offers the perfect set-up for this experience, featuring a range of colourful backdrops, props, and lighting setups that will showcase your unique personality and style.

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