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Elevate Your Brand
We are given the freedom to create what comes from our collective visions. The work we produce is not only unique in nature but also best-selling and revenue-generating.

Our team of passionate creatives are well-versed in the science of brand building and the art of making brands that stay in the limelight. We increase productivity, cultivates innovation, and offer each brand a unique voice.

We are founded on the core principles of agility and meeting the needs of brands to create customized and meaningul in-house design solutions to stay at the top of their game, enhance their online representation and facilitate industry growth.

We are based in Switzerland but geographical borders do not limit us from offering our services across the globe. Whether you need a brand built from scratch or to polish an existing brand, we can do both.

If you need a representation to accentuate your digital presence with a unique voice, Kzara Visual Content Creation Studio is all that you need.

Content Creation


Our Services

Our team values dedication and innovation above all else and creates high-quality content conforming to the brand’s unique voice. Our studio utilizes customizable technology for efficient content creation by capturing the true essence of your brand. Our solutions are up-to-speed with the ongoing market trends and surpass all the conventional standards. We go above and beyond to fuel our client’s online presence with our creative approach and build them something unique that will ensure they outshine their competitors.

Fashion Store
Sample Fashion Themed WordPress Store
Fashion Store
Sample Fashion Themed WordPress Store

Website Development


A secure and user-friendly website is key to building a robust digital presence. We are the best friend to the brands that blend in yet stand out.

They stand out because our studio carefully and beautifully crafts their websites and helps them to launch and work seamlessly.

Experts In


Our team is an expert in all areas of web design and are skilled in WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Wix. We can build a modern one page scroller website all the way through to a functional e-commerce platform with all the latest trends to keep you at the top of your game.

Our high-end solutions boost your interface so that you do not need to worry about going through the whole process on your own. Not only this, but we also help you migrate from one platform to another. We will accurately and securely transfer your important data, including orders, customers, products, blogs and other related entities.

Our state-of-art specialisation in all kinds of e-commerce platforms can get you started with just a few clicks.


Social Media

Social Media Management

Interact with your audience on a personal level with our bespoke social media services.

Social media management acts as the foundation for building brand loyalty and attracting new customers. A brand’s social media has to potential to make or break one’s public image. Many customers often turn to competitors if they are not enticed by a brand’s social media presence.

We offer our clients an all-inclusive social media management service for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. We plan and implement customised organic and paid campaigns for your brand. Whilst making use of visually enticing content that best represent your services, offerings, ideas, and personality to drive traffic and increase customer turnover. If you don't have the time, knowledge or creativity to keep up with your social media platforms and ever-changing algorithms, our social media management team could very well be your biggest asset. Don’t know where to start? Book you visual audit now.

Digital Marketing

Ad Campaigns

Paid Ad Campaingns

In today’s competitive world, the importance of advertisements is unavoidable. Paid ad campaigns are an ideal way to market your product and make sure it reaches your desired audience.

We are skilled at running paid ad campaigns and carefully target the right audience to ensure your services get the limelight they deserve. We understand exactly where, when, and how to engage your audience with your information. Knowing the full potential of every social media platform, we guarantee you that every campaign created by us will get you an immensely positive response.

The campaigns created by our creative minds will result in a strong presence across many digital channels and by having us monitor and tweak them periodically, will ensure you generate maximum results.

Monetize your business and get the highest ROI!

Add Words

Google Ad Words

Make the most of Google’s Adword advertising program to market your product or service directly to a specific target audience. The use of the right keywords and text optimization strategies is the secret behind success.

Our team carefully builds Adword campaign to display your products and services to the people who are most likely to be interested in them and ensure filtering out the people who aren’t.

What’s more, is that we track the activities of the target audience to check whether or not these people clicked on the ads. We maximize online ads to their fullest potential and ensure streamlined marketing across Google for better reach.

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Our Visual Content Creation solutions, will let potential customers find you themselves.

Visual Content Creation

The highly creative and “think-out-the-box team we have here at Kzara Visual have all the skills and capacities to create visual content that will speak to your audience and always keep you in the trend.

We are your smart business growth partners, who aim to provide engaging content that has a life-span of least 2 years.

After specialising in this for over 16 years we have mastered a very wide scope of visual content services, which we have summarised below.

The team at Kzara Visual is known for pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. The founder, Chantelle Flores, is a skilled photographer who depicts a fresh take on the natural world beautifully through her lens. She finds an aesthetic appeal in the common, unusual in the usual, perfection in the flawed, and uniqueness in the ordinary. She focuses on the things that usually go unnoticed; the things we all look at but never see. Her team also values these principles and is driven by a similar motive.
In addition to our photography services, we also provide videography services for all kinds of branding and advertisement needs. Our videography services include short and impactful social media styled posts, short promotional videos, interviews and video editing services. We are constantly inspired by leading trends of the modern world’s videography, yet we are always seeking our own creative input in every work of ours. So, If you want to go one step further in building strong connections with your audience, then hire us to tell your own very unique story.
The first thing people see when they encounter your business is your brands visual identity. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we coudn’t agree more. Your written content and website features hold no value if the visuals are not on point. When a user comes across a product, service, or any other type of content on a digital platform, the first thing that grabs their attention is the visuals. If a brand does not put enough effort into their graphic designs, they lose the brownie points. At Kzara Visual, we have a team of skilled graphic designers who understand all the intricacies of graphic design. We are experts in putting together Brand Identity solutions that extend far beyond just the design of your logo. We design captivating visuals that aline with your companies mission, communicate your goals and objectives and visually summarise your brands products and services. We create visuals that grab the user’s attention and leave a lifelong imprint in on the masses. Our graphic design services include, but not limited to, brochures, stationery, billboards, social media posts and keynote and powerpoint presentations.
Get the copy today that converts!


Nothing can match the magic of words, and when words are put together intelligently, they are valued more. This is the case in copywriting and represents the brand’s offerings.

Business owners who aim to make a difference through their website content can entrust Kzara Visual with their copywriting duties. We have a team of dedicated writers onboard who are skilled in producing captivating, engaging and well-written content for a variety of different industries.

We write catchy headlines and slogans to catch your audience’s attention, incorporate all the right keywords, and infuse the content with attractive visuals to promote readability across various platforms. We know how to make your website a success ladder.

Besides website copies, we also give services in the write-ups of product descriptions for e-commerce, category texts, article writing, press releases and the writing of social media content.

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