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The biggest snow fort in the world

The SnowCastle of Kemi, Finland What an incredible experience: the snow castle of Kemi in Northern Finland. I visited this unique gem in early February. This unique castle made of snow and ice, is the biggest snow fort in the world and gets rebuilt every winter. The first snow castle in Kemi in 1996, drew […]

Visiting the Land of Sami and Reindeers

Europe’s northernmost indigenous people Image by Chantelle Flores | For most people, a trip to northern Norway, Finland, or Sweden means viewing the famous northern lights, but these Scandinavia countries have so much more on offer than just their spectacular light shows. They house Europe’s northernmost indigenous people and showcase snow-filled landscapes dotted with […]

Christmas with Santa Clause

Santa Clause Village, Rovaniemi, Finland Santa Clause really does exist I woke up one day with the realization that Santa Clause actually does exist! No, really – he does! Rovaniemi, Finland | Image by Chantelle Flores | I impulsively rang up my sister and excitedly told her that I was postponing Christmas and heading […]

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