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Indian Wedding Collection

Indian weddings are extravagant – celebrations are spread across multiple days, dotted with laughter and tears, lit up beautifully, themed decorations, and of course, intricately designed clothes with exquisite materials. This emotional, physical, and spiritual union of two souls stirs up something within me, and it’s hard to take my eyes off the vibrant, culture-rich, and intricately-planned festivities.

As a passionate photographer, I am obsessed with capturing happy people and am starstruck by the blissful mayhem of ceremonies like these. From warm to whimsical, I strive to capture the raw emotions into photos you will cherish for your lifetime. My take on wedding photos is a mix between classic and modern. Each couple is unique, and their heart-warming bond deserves to be portrayed by someone who respects and understands it… and I do.

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