It’s no secret that I love exploring new places, so you will often find me driving around looking for different things to do in each area. Google is always my last resort, and I like to feel like I am a conqueror of every land I visit. I like to feel like I have discovered a hidden secret that is unknown to man. After my first experience of shark cage diving with Great White Shark Tours, I got a taste of Gansbaai and wanted to experience it a little bit more in the limited time that I had there. I was there as a kid, but I don’t remember its beauty or its charm.

The coast is beautiful and I wanted to source a few new locations to photograph. I parked at the Harbour and walked for a good couple of KM. I didn’t feel the distance, instead was so amazed at how untouched my surroundings were. There was not a soul in sight and I had all these beaches all to myself.

Later I found out that this 7km walking trail along the coast is called Duiwelsgat and ends at the Klipgat Caves. I didn’t make it as far as the caves (Have I known this, I probably would have). This walk showcases some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery of the Western Cape.

This trail got its name from the large privately owned cave that can be found under the De Kelder houses and can be accessed only at low tide. This is also one of the only freshwater caves along the coast of South Africa and has a stone wall above that protects a sinkhole into the cave. It is also considered one of SA’s most valuable cultural and historical sites and hints to an earlier civilization dating back to 85’000 years. Excavations have discovered some valuable artifacts here, and previously the cave was 5km from the ocean. It just shows how much the ocean has evolved over the decades. Many other limestone caves can also be found in the area.

Image Credit: Xplorio

The cave can apparently only be accessed with a guide, but I did hear that you can gain access directly to it in De Kelders. The hike also forms part of the greater Perlemoen Trail – a 1 to 7-day hike along the coast of the Western Cape.

Image Credit: Wetu

The trail is pleasant and offers dramatic ocean views contrasted with pops of yellow and green fynbos. Have a swim in the many rockpools that pepper your way. You will pass places with names like ” Skulpiesbaai” named due to the abundance of beautiful shells found there. I saw loads along the way and it reminded me of how the beaches were when we were kids.


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